This material is excerpted and summarized from chapter seven of the book Written by Mark Thurston called "Discovering your Soul's Purpose".

Money is one form of supply. In addition you may need time, food, energy, health,  and friendship.  There is a basic principal : physical life obeys spiritual laws. 
Sources of supply are... spiritual in nature.
The law of abundance is functioning in your life.
Are you consciously cooperating with the law to bring results that match your purpose in life?  For example,  if you are fearful of shortages and therefore hoard money and other resources,  then you can just as easily expect this universal law to fulfill your fears.

Twelve steps

1) Determine an overall purpose for your life; recognize your mission. Write a mission statement. A sense of mission is important because it defines a use for abundance.

Soul Purpose Summarized:    Each person living in the earth is here for a specific soul purpose that no one else can fulfill. While for some people their purpose might be directly related to a profession or vocation, for others it could simply details a particular way of living day by day finding and then understanding and living your souls purpose is actually a life long process. As your knowledge grows and deepens, you will find greater and greater opportunities for fulfilling your life's mission.

To discover clues to your own life's purpose, ask yourself these questions: What makes my heart sing? When do I feel closest to god? When in my life do I feel a sense of wonder? In what way do I feel called to service to others? The Cayce readings suggest we are closest to living our soul's purpose when we feel joyful, when we are being of service to others, and when we are deeply aware of our connection with God.

In your contemplation of meditation, ask your higher self  "what is my souls purpose? Why am I here in the earth at this time? " Then be aware of the answers that will come to you through that still small voice from within or through synchronous events, or even through your dreams. Your soul is communicating with you all the time, and its greatest desire is for you to fulfill your purpose this life experience.

2) Identify shortages in your life. It could be a shortage of money,  knowledge,  health,  friendship,  free time, or any other resource for living.

3)  Recognize the purpose or lesson in each shortage. Every kind of scarcity has the potential to be a spiritual lesson. Avoidance of our lessons is not cooperation with the law of abundance. If there are shortages ask,  what is it showing me?  What does it make me appreciate more?  What does it make you comprehend?  Limits are there because we limit ourselves.

4)  Use what you have in hand.  Additional resources come as you are a good steward of what is at hand.  A good steward?  Something remarkable happens whenever you take the best possible care of even your most inconsequential possessions: you put yourself in harmony with the law of supply and abundance - you show you can be trusted with more. Take care of things the way you would if you knew they had to be returned to their true owner. Abilities not used for constructive purposes are lost. Resources are meant to be put into application. Use proper timing,  respond immediately with what you have. Invest in your ideals. Let spending your money,  time, and energy reflect your values and ideals. Vote by how you spend.  Invest socially sensitively in a manner even God would smile upon. Serve humanity now.

5)  Dispel fear,  doubt, and anxiety. Watch how you think. Be aware of your thoughts. Replace limiting thoughts with good thoughts

6)  Keep a thankful attitude.

7)  Give. Give a regular percentage of your resources (money and otherwise) . This is a key to the law of abundance. Giving makes room for more to come into your life. It sets in motion a process bringing greater knowledge or ideas. Volunteer.

8)  Remove competitive attitudes. Help others to success. Prosperity comes by aiding others to find theirs. True abundance comes in community with others.

9)  Hold an attitude of positive expectancy. Expect you will receive exactly what you need to take the next steps toward your soul's purpose. Be content with what you have but never satisfied.

10)  Affirm that you will have what you need to grow spiritually and fulfill your mission. The law of abundance can provide all that you need to fulfill your mission in life and that may not be the same as all you want. Some desires come from your personality not your individuality. Most of us think we need a great deal more than we do.

11)  Trust God,  the creative forces,  the universe gives the increase. With optimism and enthusiasm simply trust. Trust the timing will be right.

12)  Receive the good that comes to you. Be assured the good that flows into your life is meant for you. The only strings attached are responsibilities that come with the resources. Use them creatively and constructively to fulfill your spiritual purpose.