Key principles abstracted from this compilation.

Economic health comes first and primarily through desiring to be one with the creative forces in the universe.  Your at-one-ness is expressed in the physical world through your actions and activities.  Your particular expression emanates from your spiritual mental and physical ideals. The flow is seen in the energies and monies that come into your life.  The amount of the flow is relative to the projects you create. If your desire is to create a hospital for children, much more will flow to you than if you desire to help children learn to read.  As much as is needed will be provided.

Fame and fortune may come.  These come as a result or side effect of applying your ideals in your life.  Material success is best a by product of the spiritual ideal and as a a result of how you use and apply your strengths, talents and expertise. When you start now and use whatever you have more will come to you.  Fame: Ghandi, Mother Teresa.

In harmony with your ideals be of service.  Do the right things in accord with being your brother's keeper, this will bring you social security, financial security, and peace of mind and body.  Until we have the experience of helping someone who has lost hope to their way, to realize and connect to the creative forces within and without, we will not fully comprehend those forces ourselves.

Giving anonymously is best.  When you need more material resources for your mental and sour development, more will come. Act as if you live in the midst of the creative forces and your needs will be met.

Trust in the influence of love and harmony, the poem of life.  Make a goal of heaven on earth and making your immediate sphere, especially your home, as you would envision heaven to be.

Give as much as possible in the material and non-material. Expect much, demand much, and be willing to give much. Always give, tithe, give from your heart, your divine heart -- not to be seen.   Make your life consistent with that you deeply know.  Here and now is the time.

Pay your debts. Be content and consistent.  Be content but never satisfied.  Start now to do with what you have -- give, do, be.

What can you do to bring heaven on earth? Be your brothers keeper. Do something now about the problems you have.  Give considering the spiritual and physical needs of those we aid.

Expect Economic Healing to occur, not as you might visualize it, but in accord with the flow of the creative universal forces as you align and harmonize with those forces, through the ideals, meditation and speaking with the universal forces (prayer).

In speaking to the universal creative forces there are many ways to do so.  You can ask for assistance, guidance or direction. You can express gratitude and thankfulness.  You can exult the beauty and complexity of the universe, You can request healing for self or others.  And finally you can confess limitations as a means of removing blocks.

If prayer is speaking to the universal forces, meditation is listening to these forces.  (See the link on meditation.)

Be the love and embrace more opportunities to channel the supply into giving and that will bring more to your soul and inner self.  Knowledge not applied is the only sin.