Targeted methods, there are thousands of them.  I am including a few of them because there are great thoughts in them and because they allow you to compare the fundamental ideology underlying them to the method coming from the Cayce materials.

The Cayce approach is so different from most targeted methods such as those espoused in The Secret, Napoleon Hill, or David Cameron's approach.  The main difference is that the Cayce information suggests aligning with the creative forces in the universe as the natural outpouring of your soul's purpose.  Focusing on specific material outcomes is really a form of idol worship, placing the material objects as the focus of your mind instead of ideals such as service.  Do the methods of focusing on material outcomes work? Yes.  You get to choose.  Free will is your soul birthright.

I also included these contrasting approaches also to highlight the differences in complexity between a spiritual alignment suggested by Cayce and the complex voluminous imagery based approaches.

Below are links to the contrasting methodologies.

Edgar Cayce Economic Healing Abstracted by me.

David Cameron: Achieving Your Life's Goals Effortlessly
Napoleon Hill: Think and Grow Rich